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Looking at Music

October 11th, 2010
Abbey Lincoln at home.

Abbey Lincoln at home.

Music is an intricate part of my life. Regretfully, I forfeited my opportunity to be a musician, of whatever worth, a long time ago.

I admire the musicians that I’m sometimes around, especially the younger ones. And often wonder, what sort of musician I’d be, if I had persevered with my studies as a young boy. My teacher recognized my potential, and tried to capture or reign in, my enthusiasm by exposing me to some elementary principles of music composition.

Even today, a score of decades later, I sometimes find myself composing arrangements in my head, when the spirit moves me.

Photography is my instrument of choice today, and whenever I’m really in my element, actually creating something that I consider to be artistic, it feels like I’m composing a symphony of light.

These are times when I had the opportunity to capture some of the luminaries of music, both past and present. I hope you enjoy these.

Photos above left to right: Abbey Lincoln, Dizzy Gillespie, Jamie Foxx, Louis Reyes Rivera, Mos Def, Randy Weston and Wynton Marsalis.

2 Responses to “Looking at Music”

  1. Brenda Simmons

    Mark, GREAT PHOTOS!!! As a curator I have been and continue to be exposed to premier local artisits that I have discovered that music is essential to their creativitiy. I recently had a art exhibit here in Southampton- Mahogany Dew II where and I chose to displayvibrant colorful art works and as well of photos of musicians that was enjoyed by all. In addition I featured a scheduled a LIVE performance by jazz violinist Krytle Ford. It’s no doubt in my mind THEYARE ONE. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Wendy Jones

    Once again you have given us inspiration. Thank you for capturing in your special way, the artists amongst us that are still here and those with us in spirit.
    Your work is wonderful to behold!

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