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People and Their Dogs

May 4th, 2016

In this journal I attempt to capture people with an innate affinity for their pets. In this instance I present a bevy of dog owners.  In most cases, my subjects were more than happy to oblige. But often an occasional opportunity is missed because of my tendency to avoid situations where there might be a rejection or confrontation — something I still struggle with as an adult.

Sometimes a pooch would express its fear, in an attempt to excite mine. And when faced with such an instance, I proactively attempt to effect an appearance and sense of calm and the facade of ferociousness transcends into a attitude of playfulness, or desire for affection.

2 Responses to “People and Their Dogs”

  1. Zandra Kubota

    The husky is just pure joy! And the Man with Toy Dog has a beautiful sketch-like quality. Thank you for sharing. No doubt your gentle nature can put people and their pets at ease!

  2. Carmen Lomonoco

    Greetings Mister Blackshear,

    Finally your doing a thing about people and there dogs—-love this!!! Going to spread the word about this… There is a dog that looks very familiar to me…


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