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More People and Their Dogs

June 14th, 2016

Brooklyn Pomeranian

Welcome to another chapter of People and Their Dogs. So again, I’m capturing photos of people and their pets. In this instance I present dog owners and one non-canine being treated like a family pet. In most cases, my subjects were more than happy to oblige. Similar circumstances apply, where often an occasional opportunity is missed because of  my tendency to avoid situations where there might be an objection by the owner or confrontation as previously expressed. But being that I’m now a dog owner myself, I suspect that there will be more opportunities open for me to converse with, and perhaps photograph fellow dog owners and their pets. At some point, I might even include a photo or two of my family’s new addition.

2 Responses to “More People and Their Dogs”

  1. Jeanne Ollivierre

    Greetings! Thank you, Mark, for the “dog show”….wonderful shots…very expressive. however, “when are you photographing cats….i’m a cat person”. Thanks for keeping me in your loop. be well…be happy…LOL (Lots of Laughs)

  2. Zandra Kubota

    Oh my goodness, that Pomeranian is TOO adorable!! :)

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