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July 12th, 2008

FlowerchildSunday it rained, really rained. The temptation, is to stay indoors, and watch TV. But I decided, not today. I rigged one of my light stands to mount an umbrella, grabbed my tripod, camera and macro lens, and ventured outside, to my buildings’ courtyard, and set-up to capture some of the resident flora.

The precipitation was light, more like a mist really, but the remnants of dew from the previous downpour proved to be exactly what I wanted.

I wish I knew the names of these flowers and plants, so I could address them more personally. I do get down and personal with my flowery and fragrant friends and I think that they appreciate that.

As I focused on the lilac, bell-shaped flowers, a similarly shaped white flower captured my attention, as it glistened in a charitable ray of sunshine. It beckoned me to come closer, come here, and pay me some attention. I obeyed. Drew up as close as I could, and she gave me her all. Just look at her, in all her glory. Is she beautiful or what?

One photo of her was a little too close, so I backed off a bit to allow for more space to surround her properly. I like to get up close so I can use a smaller aperture, but still benefit from the shallow-depth-of-field, thus isolating my deserving subject from its surroundings.

One Response to “Flowerchild”

  1. abimbolah

    The plant in question is a Hostos. They grow well in the shade and really bloom with sun. I too find them beautiful. And the deer here in NEPA love them too. They will eat the flowers and the leaves.

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