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Occasionally I have the opportunity to capture dance.

After the serious or purposeful work is done, I’d delve into my enduring pursuit of artistic expression with my photography.

I had this experience a few times when the lighting was a certain way on the stage, and the dancers’ hands and feet appeared to be moving in slow motion, and they would leave a light trailing after them.  I really think that my mind and eyes are playing tricks on me, but I really see it.

In this installment of my journal, I feature a locally based dance group called the Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn. Here, they are performing at the Fiorello H. Laguardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, in June of 2003.

I attempt to recreate the effect I described earlier by dragging my shutter. I do get some light trails of the dancers, and I’m often rewarded with numerous light compositions that can appear rather fascinating. They are not exactly what I had envisioned, but are indeed paintings in light, that I take pleasure in sharing with you.

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Speaking of comments, after an exclusive preview of this months’ collection, Mary Chang offered the following:

Transfiguring Luminous Light: The Eye, The Beholder, The Dancers and The Choreographer

As a dancer, I can say your inner movement has captured my heart:  the luminous bodies traveling in and out, like a river‘s flow channeling frequencies that can only be derived by nature. How is it that I, the beholder, can see and touch this powerful energy? Mark, you have brought me into this magical space where movement expands and travels, Your ability to travel through the lens of your eye into the lens of your camera, transfiguring luminous light, marked by a gleaming brilliance that is usually a hidden source, is a gift. The work is alive. I see in your photographs, each a propelling moment, that allows for creation and individual expression. I am the beholder, I am the dancer and I am the eye.

I am moved and touched… Thank you, Mark.

—Mary Chang

If you would like to experience an exclusive preview, and have your quoted comment published in one of my future journal editions, please indicate same, along with your comments and impressions of this month’s edition. Selected commentators will be eligible for an unframed archival print with my complements.

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